In the Garden:

A Journey to a Deeper and More Powerful Place of Prayer

by Laurie Aker

In the Garden is a study devoted to prayer and particularly to teaching us how to pray and to fully enjoy it, to the glory of God. It is meant to compliment your normal study of God’s Word and guide you in your prayer time. Over the years, as we have asked women what the weakest area is in their Christian walk, time and again the answer has been prayer. God’s Word commands us to “pray without ceasing” and to devote ourselves to prayer, because prayer gives us access to God and brings us humbly before His throne. As we commit to prayer, this book will help shape our hearts—and change our view of God, our view of ourselves and others, and our dependence upon our Lord.

First Class Day: Introduction to Prayer: Part One

(No homework due this day)

Handout for reference during the prayer portion of the lecture

Second Class Day: Introduction to Prayer Part Two

(Introduction to Prayer homework due)


Handout-for reference during lecture

Third Class Day: Prepare

(Week One homework due)

Fourth Class Day: Plant

(Week Two homework due)

Fifth Class Day: Prune

(Week Three homework due)

Sixth Class Day: Workshop Overview

(Week Four homework due)

Seventh Class Day: Produce

(Week One homework due — the prayer book is designed to be used continuously)

Prayer Guides

Week Five: Produce – Design Your Own Prayer Guide

Praying Positions

For extended bowing and kneeling, find a good yoga mat or foam cushion. As you kneel, propping yourself up with a pillow or a blanket can help if you are trying to read and pray through Scriptures in your Bible. The pillow/blanket is also helpful if bowing lower causes discomfort. To bow prostrate before the Lord, you can use a cushion for added comfort and/or use your hands to hold your forehead. For those with physical limitations, the following are some alternatives to kneeling that you might want to try: bowing from a seated position in a chair, kneeling against a chair with a pillow/blanket under your knees, or bowing at a table or desk (this is also an alternative for times when you don’t have an adequate place to get on your knees).

Companion Prayer Binder Setup Instructions

You will find all prayer binder setup instructions in the handouts provided on the resource page.