In-the-Garden-COVER-2In the Garden: A Journey to a Deeper and More Powerful Place of Prayer

by Laurie Aker





Praying Positions

For extended bowing and kneeling, find a good yoga mat or foam cushion. As you kneel, propping yourself up with a pillow or a blanket can help if you are trying to read and pray through Scriptures in your Bible. The pillow/blanket is also helpful if bowing lower causes discomfort. To bow prostrate before the Lord, you can use a cushion for added comfort and/or use your hands to hold your forehead. For those with physical limitations, the following are some alternatives to kneeling that you might want to try: bowing from a seated position in a chair, kneeling against a chair with a pillow/blanket under your knees, or bowing at a table or desk (this is also an alternative for times when you don’t have an adequate place to get on your knees).

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Prayer Journal Setup Instructions

Title/Instruction Page: Gives brief descriptions of the two sections in your binder (see below). On the back of this title page is a place to list those you will be praying for in your tabbed section.

Section 1: Intercession for Yourself

You will record these prayers in the journal pages in the first section (before the tabs) of your journal. They can be dated or labeled however you choose. You can also write header labels on the lines for the sections you are praying through in your book (i.e. Thanks, Praise, Daily Reading, Gospel Truth, Confession, and Personal Intercession).

Section 2 (5 Tabs): Intercession for Others

Your binder comes with lined pages for each tab, for writing Scriptures and prayers for others, and also with blank pages for attaching photos (if desired).

The 5 tabs can be labeled Sun/Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri/Sat. Once you have compiled a list of names, ministries, etc. that you are praying for (as directed in your prayer book), you may choose whom to pray for on which days. Below is a sample of this outline page to give you an idea of how you might want to divide out your list. You can then write their names on a page in the tab you’ve chosen for them and add Scriptures and specific prayers that you would like to pray through for each person or group of people. Also below are examples of prayers and Scriptures you might choose to pray for your husband or others. Your book will help guide you through this process.

Sample outline of people to pray for on specific days and examples of prayers and Scriptures to pray for your husband:

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You may need additional pages for your tabs depending on how many people you are praying for. Options for additional pages that will fit your Thistlebend binder can be obtained here: Franklin Covey lined (size Classic)Franklin Covey blank (size Classic)Office Depot (Avery).

Worship Songs/Hymns

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Approach My Soul the Mercy Seat

Completely Done

Come Thou Fount

Leader Helps

Small Group Leader prayer guides for small group prayer time:

Day 1


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4