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Decisions Decisions

How do you wake up most mornings? Do you use an alarm of some sort?  Do you hit snooze once, twice, seven times?  Do you lie in bed to “thaw out” for a few minutes or do you get right up?  There are obviously many ways to awaken, but I would venture to guess that […]

God’s Unfailing Love

You know how, when you are going through a tough time, your close friends and family members tell you to call on them for anything, that they will always be there for you? The Lord is showing me that really, only He is the One who is always there. Recently, life has been hard, and […]

Do You Care?

Laurie asked a simple question that opened my eyes in a dramatic way and similar way. She said: “Do you care?” She asked this question, and then elaborated, “How much do you care that you are living your own way? Do you care enough to say NO to you and YES to God? Are you […]