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Who Am I in Christ: What Was I Saved To?

We just recently celebrated one of the most beautiful, somber, and celebratory weeks of the Christian calendar—Holy Week. I’m still thinking about it. We were reminded of the unimaginable suffering Jesus endured to fulfill the will of our Holy God. We took time to ponder what the cross means. That Jesus, the perfect son of […]

Who Am I?

My favorite musical of all time is “Les Misérables.” The musical has been around for over 40 years, so it’s likely you have seen it. If not, the musical (supposedly) takes place during the French Revolution, and follows the life of its protagonist, Jean Valjean, through harsh imprisonment to becoming a major of a town. […]

When You’re Stretched Too Thin

When I was growing up, I remember one cultural message very clearly: “Look out for #1!” We were constantly bombarded with the importance of putting ourselves first and taught that our personal needs mattered more than anyone else’s.  I now know that messaging is untrue, but after a lifetime of hearing it, the words are […]