When Clothes Talk


Do your clothes talk to you too?
Are they constantly telling you, you need something new?
Mine do.
They say I don’t have anything to wear;
Even though they know my closet is far from bare.
They tell me I just don’t look quite right.
Although, if I had something new, I might.
You need to go to the mall, they say.
You’ll find something there to brighten your day.

Do your clothes talk to you too?
Surely I’m not the only one who hears what my clothes are saying.
Really, I know it’s a dangerous game they’re playing.
And yet, when I hear them, I tend to believe
All the old tricks they have up their sleeve.
Why do I listen to all these lies? When will I decide to open up my eyes?

Do your clothes talk to you too?
They do?
Well, just listen. It’s time we made our way out of this prison.
There is a way. He has a plan;
New clothes for each and every man.
Garments of salvation are waiting just for us,
For He will clothe us in robes of righteousness.

So put on your garments of splendor and finally try something new.
Let’s not worry about our clothes; for what He says is true.
Let’s clothe ourselves with gentleness and patience, with strength and dignity,
Compassion and kindness and even humility.
In these clothes our souls are free to rejoice,
For we will have made an excellent choice.
Now, in our new clothes, we can laugh at all the days to come.
For we will be clothed with Christ, God’s one and only Son.

Learning to Live in the Garden of Grace

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