We have all had bad days. Some days, the mishaps are so numerous they are almost comical. Like the time I overslept. Then my pants split a seam…in a noticeable place. I wore one black shoe and one blue shoe. My gas gauge was almost on “E,” so I pull into the gas station only to discover I left my wallet at home. And, of course, there was the major lose/lose scenario of spilling my coffee on my laptop. No coffee to drink and no way to work.

We chuckle at these stories because most of us can relate to such days and because most of the circumstances we experience are harmless. But what about the true stories of bad days where the circumstances are life threatening and could even seem hopeless? That is what David of the Bible experienced. A shepherd, then mighty warrior, then great and beloved king, forced to flee into hiding by his own son, who hunted him to kill him. A king, who went from a castle to a desert cave.

These are David’s circumstances as he penned Psalm 63. Psalm 63 is the basis for our current Thistlebend study, Falling in Love Again with Your Lord. This week we studied how David turned his eyes from his horrific circumstances to His mighty God as he wrote, “So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and your glory” (Psa. 63:2). This verse is preceded by: “O God, you are my God. Earnestly I seek you. My soul thirsts for you…” How could David utter such worshipful words amidst such trials?

I have thought a lot about David’s circumstances this week, and as Laurie pointed out to us, David’s circumstances did not worry him. No…they made him long for God all the more. David chooses to place his faith and trust in what he KNOWS, not what he FEELS. He fixes his gaze upon His God, His Deliverer, His Rock, and His Shield.

How important is our correct perspective of God! It frames everything! If we know, truly know, that God is God and we are not, that His ways are higher than our ways; we can rest in the sweet knowledge that He holds everything together.

So, how David KNOW the power and glory of God? David knew God. In the first verse of Psalm 63, David says, “O God, YOU are my God” (capitalization added). And this was true for David. His kingdom was not his god. His children were not his god. His wealth or possessions or comfort – none of this was David’s god. David’s God was GOD.

David knew God so personally because David knew God’s Word. He meditated on it day and night. He hid it in his heart (Psa. 119:11). He lived by it. He thirsted for it. And as a result, he knew peace when faced with peril. His praise of God was not dependent on how happy he was or how great his life was.

Once again, I think how absolutely critical it is to have the right thinking about who God is. Laurie gave us the following list of words I plan to use to help me set my mind on the right course:

1. Behold – Know Him by immersing myself in His Word daily, seek His will, then fix my eyes upon Him every day.

2. Believe: Believe what God says.

3. Bow & Bask: Bow before God and bask in His presence.

4. Boldly Go – confidently go forward in the Lord’s strength.

5. Boast – Boast of the Lord’s faithfulness. I am weak. He is strong.

I must work out these steps to adopt the correct posture of reverence and awe before the Lord. I want the correct perspective of God! David knew His God. And it made all the difference.

Growing in Grace

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