The Grumpy Bug


Some days he just shows up without warning.
We can wake up happy and have a great morning;
And then he is there; and it feels like it’s storming.
The Grumpy Bug is back; he has come to steal our joy.
He silently creeps in to carry out his ploy.

What exactly is the reason he shows up?
Perhaps it’s to keep us from filling our cup,
From filling our cup with the joy of the Lord.
When the Grumpy Bug is around, it’s hard to hear God’s Word.

The Bug knows how much we want our own way.
And when we don’t get it, he can ruin our day.
Difficulty and pain, sickness and stress; just to name a few,
He wants our heartache and sadness to always stay in view.

It’s a choice that we make to keep the Bug around.
To continue to complain; it just goes ’round and ’round.
Why do we choose to serve the Bug?
Wouldn’t it be better to just give your loved ones a hug?

There is another choice that we can make.
There is a joy that no one can take.
Ask and you will receive,
And your joy will be complete.

Make a new choice to be joyful always.
Pray continually, for the rest of your days.
Give thanks to the Lord in every circumstance.
Then your heart will leap for joy, and not just by chance.

Love each other as God has loved you.
And then your heart will be filled with joy anew.
Stand in awe of our Lord who is so glorious.
Shout for joy when you are finally victorious.

Learning to Live in the Garden of Grace

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