Praying Isaiah 45


Heavenly Father,

You are the Lord and there is no other. There is none besides you. You repeated this to me five times this morning! You are God and therefore your promises can and must be believed. You are sovereign over all. Forgive my doubts and unbelief, Lord! An ESV study note says, “putting God under suspicious scrutiny is a serious offense.” Forgive me, Father, for continually questioning you and rebelling against you by going my own way. Please give me your grace to heed your warning, to not harden my heart, but to humbly listen to your warning and receive it from a good heart of love and care.

I am just a pot, a jar of clay, a broken vessel. You are the Potter. I live among other broken vessels, all of whom you have created for your glory. Forgive me, Father, for telling you, “Your work has no handles” (Isa. 45:9). Forgive me for commanding you (when you are the Master Commander) concerning your children and the work of your hands (Isa. 45:11). Thank you, Lord, for the prophecy of Cyrus which always strengthens my faith. You called him by name before he was even born! There is none besides you. No one else could do this! You are the one true God. You are Lord over all creation and history and the future. You are my only Hope.

Help me trust you and your good will when things seem contrary to your purpose. Help me to trust your character. To rest in your promises. To walk in your truth.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Learning to Live in the Garden of Grace


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