An Affair of the Heart


An affair, you say?
No, I would never let that come my way.
I love my husband; he’s the only man for me.
An affair, you say?
No, it would never occur to me.

I love my man; my heart wouldn’t look to another.
My husband is the best; he’s my friend and my lover.
My pride tells me that I could never commit adultery.
No, that would be awful; it simply isn’t me.

Then one day, the Lord revealed to me
Just how unfaithful I could really be.
For my Maker is my husband—the Lord Almighty is his name.
He loves me unconditionally and wants from me the same.

He wants my soul, my body, mind and heart.
He wants my WHOLE heart, not just a piece, not just a part.
He wants me to put Him first, each and every day.
But because He loves me, He’ll never force his way.

You are my number one Lord,
I love you, I really do!
Of course I also love my husband;
So maybe you are number two.

And you see Lord, I have three young children; they really need me.
Okay, Lord, perhaps you are number three.
Well, who else is going to take care of all these chores?
I guess, Lord, you might be number four.
What about me, myself, and I?
Yes, it’s true; you are at least number five.

I can’t bear to go on; the list would be too long.
What’s happened Lord?
Where’s all the time gone?
I thought that you were first in my heart;
Obviously I was wrong.

Standing in my pride, I know I’m on shaky ground.
Oh, to be humbled; thank you, Lord, for bringing me down.
Down to a level where I can truly see
What really is going on deep inside of me.

The truth of the matter is I love myself the most.
The Lord is not first in my heart; He doesn’t come even close.
Therefore, I praise you Father with everything I can;
That even when you see my heart, you love me just as I am.

I’m humbled by this amazing love,
Faithful, true and pure.
His lovingkindness draws me in;
Of this I can be sure.

What do I do now in response to a love of this kind?
The answer is clear:
Love my Lord with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.

How is it now that I can heed this call?
I must die to myself and truly surrender all.
Then I will be filled by the Holy Spirit and the Lord will have His rightful place;
As truly first in my heart, thanks to His amazing grace.

“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?” (James 4:4)

Learning to Live in the Garden of Grace

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