A Choice


I made a choice today,
And it’s not something I’m proud of, sad to say.
It happened in an instant, before my very eyes;
I did not choose to honor God,
Instead I listened to Satan’s lies.

I chose to serve my flesh and not the Most High.
I walked the road of selfishness, being wise in my own eyes.

I could feel the anger rising,
And sadly, it was not surprising.
Today I made a choice—
Hurting my children with my voice.

I used my words as weapons.
I could see the fear in their expressions.
Little hearts pierced to the core;
Tears flowing behind closed doors.

I can’t control my temper, I cried.
I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried.
I thought I could do it on my own;
But now I know, I’m not alone.

Thankfully, there is a power much greater than my own;
And I have direct access to His throne.
You see, my King gave me a precious gift;
The Holy Spirit can heal any rift.

Yes, I have all I need.
The Spirit of God lives in me.
His grace is sufficient; it is enough.
Just look to Jesus when the going gets tough.

He could’ve been angry; He had every right.
Who would have blamed Him if he had put up a fight?
Jesus made a choice that day on the tree;
He chose to lay down His life for you and for me.

For all my sins, both past and those yet to come,
My beautiful Savior died; He said, “It is done.”

I made a new choice today.
I chose to follow my Savior and not my own way.
The example of His love compels me to turn from my sin.
And despite the pain I’ve caused, He’s said I’m forgiven!

What grace!
What compassion!
What love and tender mercy!
I choose to go now to tell them I am sorry.

Learning to Live in the Garden of Grace

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