The Unimaginable Greatness of God

by Scott Kaczorowski

In Lesson 8 of Falling in Love Again with Your Lord for Men we looked at God’s right hand… its power (Day 2), authority (Day 3), blessing (Day 4), and how it binds in covenant (Day 5).  Kevin summarized this nicely in the lecture when he said: “His hand holds all the power, His hand holds all the authority, His hand holds all the blessings, and His hand binds us to him completely.”

There have been times in my life when I have been struggling with some issue.  Then I look at the world around me and think about the magnificence of creation.  And I realize that my God made all of this.  If we step back and really contemplate God bringing everything into existence out of nothing, that is unimaginable power.  And then I think, do I really believe that the One who could bring all of this into existence by His incredible might and power would not be able to deal with my puny problems?

Indeed, what are our difficulties compared to speaking the universe into existence?  What are our circumstances, however complex and beyond searching out we might feel they are, compared to holding every atom in the universe together nano-second by nano-second?  What could possibly be too difficult for the God who keeps galaxies on their course?  Could anything be too hard for the One who preordained and governs the course of the smallest particle in the universe?1  Even the greatest plight we have–physical death–is no match for the one who created life in the first place.  He created.  And He can re-create.  He proved this when He raised Jesus from the dead.

Our God is unimaginably great.  May this realization lead us to say with David, I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken” (Psalm 16:8).

1This thought is probably similar to that expressed by Dr. Bruce Ware of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in a lecture in his Systematic Theology I course.  He also may have used the expression “my puny problems” but I am unsure of this.

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