The Reason for Weakness

by Susan Sampson

May I begin by confessing to you all that if it were not my job to send out the weekly email, I might not take the time to listen to the lecture online.  This is a hugely busy time with my daughter’s high school registration, school supplies, uniforms, back to school day, braces, 1st day of school, new parent orientation, etc…Plenty of human reasons that I don’t really have “time.”  I thanked the Lord this morning as I was listening to the lecture for my job.  I saw what I’m sure is just the tip of how truly weak and sinful I am and His love and provision for me in having my job at Thistlebend, knowing if left to my own devices, I would be in dire straits.  He is keeping me close to Him out of His great love and mercy.  He is our Keeper.  There is no good in us, in our flesh.

What stood out to me was when Laurie said that God made me and “intended” my weakness.  I feel my flesh balk.  I don’t want to be weak.  I don’t like my weakness.  I want to be good.  I want to be okay.  I want to fix my weakness and I don’t want anyone to know I am weak.  Such ugly, vile pride.

But God intends our weakness to bring us to Christ.  If I were not weak, I would not need Him.  If I was not a sinner, I would have no need of a Savior.  I would have no need of grace.  God is glorified when His grace is displayed in wretched sinners.  It is in our weakness that others see God is strong.  May the Lord give us eyes to see that we are completely leprous from head to toe and that this truth would launch us to God’s grace, His righteousness, His power, and His glory and not our own.

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