Standing with God by Faith


I’m not afraid to say the name Jesus! Why would I be afraid to say the name Jesus? Fear, that is the only reason why. Fear of what man will think.

My husband and I went to see God’s not Dead 2 and it brought out so many thoughts and questions. I won’t ruin the movie for anyone but it shows a realistic picture of the world today. Faith is on trial and it is our job as Christians to choose to stand with God. It sounds simple to stand with God but if you were on trial and could lose your job, would you still stand with God? Would you believe that God has a plan?

God does have a plan and it is working now. Our faith is being tested at every turn and He is asking us to stand with Him. To have faith. The hardest thing I have read from a friend on Facebook was that God is an imaginary friend to Christians. My heart pounded and my blood boiled. God is not in my imagination. He lives inside me. He lives inside all of us through the Holy Spirit. Jesus was flesh and bone and He was crucified for me. He was crucified for all of us even the girl who said He is imaginary. He rose again that we may walk with Him, that we may stand with Him!

What does it take for her to go from calling Him imaginary to the Lord being the King of her heart? It takes what it took for all of us to believe…faith. It is only through faith that we are able to walk with our Lord! Faith gives us the hope for salvation! Faith gives us our love for God! Faith gives us the strength to choose our Lord! Faith allows us to follow Him completely!

Choosing Him takes strength, the power of God. He is all power and our flesh is all fear. We have nothing to be afraid of if we have God in our heart. He can win any battle if only we have faith. He is Lord over all. I will choose to stand with God and be judged by the world rather than stand with the world and be judged by God. Who else will choose faith over fear?

Showered in His Love

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