Set Free by Christ

by Susan Sampson

I wanted to share a note from my ESV Study Bible that encouraged me and spoke truth to my mind and heart. When I read Psalm 119 it is easy for me to get discouraged because I think, “I don’t do that,” or, “I don’t feel that way.”
The study note says, “The law is a faithful expression of God’s character. God sent his Son to keep the law for us. The law no longer condemns us, setting us free to accept it as our own guide for pleasing the One who died in our place.”
It’s not about my perfect obedience or my children’s perfect obedience. It’s about Christ’s perfection. He perfectly obeyed the law for us and we have been set free by Christ! May our souls apprehend this truth of the gospel and may it refresh our soul and brings us to a new place of worship, gratitude, and love for our Savior.

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