by Susan Sampson

What would they think if they could see? Why do I
care so much what they think of me? What is the
worst that could happen if they saw; When I am
open, vulnerable, and completely raw?

What is the worst; why do I fear?
Why do I put up these walls so no one can get near?
To keep myself from being rejected, I can hear my heart say.
But then I hear Jesus, and He whispers, “That is not the way.

I know how you feel; I endured the rejection.
It was for you, my love, that I walked the road of persecution.
So don’t be afraid, because I am right there.
I will never leave you; you are always in my care.”

There is One, He says, who truly knows your heart.
For He created your inmost being and knew your name back from the start.

My Lord and my God; He’s seen it all;
The dirt, the filth and every time I fall.
And yet He waits; not to condemn;
But to love me and forgive me and help me start again.

For it is in my weakness that God’s power can be seen.
It is in my weakness, that His glory is revealed.
So now He calls me to trust in Him and lay down all my pride.
To go ahead and let them see what’s really there inside.

I can hear Him whisper, “Follow Me and do not fear. Let
Me tear down those walls so My people can get near.”
Open your heart, be real and be true…
For only then will they see Jesus in you.


This poem appears in the Thistlebend Discipleship Study Falling in Love Again with Your Lord available here.

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