Raising His Banner–in Prayer


This week while going through the study Heart of a Woman I found my flesh resisting prayer at every turn. But as the week went on I dove more into the prayer lives of great men who worshiped the same God. How eloquently did they display their affection for God through prayer? I found myself reading a love letter to my Heavenly Father through their prayers and I felt like I was taken back to what they must have felt in that moment. Nothing could hold them back from crying out to their Lord. They were men possessed with his unwavering love. Daniel continued to pray even though he could be thrown in the Lion’s Den. Nothing stopped him from praying to our God.

Their belief that he could answer every prayer was astonishing. How often do I think to myself that God isn’t listening to me? Why would he answer my prayer? While learning about the prayer lives of those before me, it made me realize how much I have let my flesh control my beliefs. God is unwavering is His power. He created the heavens and earth, how could He be unable to answer my prayers? Of course he can! I just need to put my faith and trust fully in the fact that God can do anything. He is LORD!

With tournaments and March Madness coming up I found myself buying a T-shirt for the occasion to root for my Kentucky Wildcats! The T-shirt says, “Proper Manners Raising Banners.” At first I didn’t associate raising banners with my prayer life, but when I entered Church Saturday evening I was struck with the comparison. We were singing, “Never Gonna Stop Singing” and the lyric, “We’re gonna lift You higher, higher” made me think about that shirt and how by praying and worshiping Him we are lifting the banner in His name. What an interesting comparison the Lord gave me. By having our banner raised for Him we are showing our devotion to Him and declaring that through Him we can always win! Our prayers will be answered, if only we trust in our Lord and believe He can conquer all. He is always the winner and His banner should always be raised!

Showered in His Love


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