Our First Love

by Dottie Ryan

Day 3 “Walk on Truth” lead us to Revelation 2-3 and challenges us to ask God to search our hearts to reveal where we may have ‘lost our first love’ — where we may love things of the world, have unbelief, or where we may be holding on to false teaching.  For some reason, the message of this whole week took me to the story of Hosea and Gomer and God’s costly and unending love toward a rebellious people.  In chapter 11 verse 8 our Lord cries: “How can I give you up?”  (NIV). God’s love is a costly love. It cost Him the life of His Son. If we are to follow Him, it will cost us to.  We are admonished by Jesus Himself to count the cost.

God’s love doesn’t always look like love to us.  Have you ever asked yourself how we can really know God’s love? The path of God’s love, as Ed Welch points out in his book When People are Big and God is Small, is not without suffering.  In fact those who love more will suffer more. Yet the path of God’s love is a path that leaves us overflowing.  Welch suggests that people may ask questions concerning God’s love because His love may seem so distant — and not even look like love.  He suggests that the answer is to repent of seeking God “so that I can feel better about myself.” Then think about Jesus (like through the story of Hosea). Ask God to teach you about this love, so you can both know it and give it.  Ask other people to pray for you. And believe God’s promises that He will teach you.

Laurie asked us to consider what it means to truly mourn your sin. She suggests we ask God to give us the ability to see our sin as He does. To ask Him to reveal it in our hearts. To cry out for mercy to help us agree with Him, confess, and repent. To call out to Him in prayer knowing he hears our cry. To return to our first love!

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