Openly Sharing My Faith


I have noticed more than ever that I have been openly sharing my faith. I remember a time when I would get nervous just to share anything that had to do with my faith. I can vividly recall moments when I had this huge obstacle I felt like I could never get over because I was always feeling as though I could never articulate why I even believed in Christ. Also, I felt as though maybe I shouldn’t open my mouth from the fear of someone openly disagreeing with me. I feel a need to please people and to be liked by all. This need to please was always more of a pressing matter to me and made me concerned to experience even an ounce of push back for being a Christian. So I just always kept my faith to myself, more or less.

But these days, somehow the topic ALWAYS comes up. It has been with everyone! My barista, favorite local business owners, family members, the waitress at our favorite breakfast spot, and friends. It has been absolutely bizarre to me; it’s becoming a nearly everyday thing. I wanted to share one moment in particular.

My husband and I are past the point of being regulars at a nearby restaurant we love for breakfast. We also have a favorite waitress who I know for a fact we have never conversed with on the topic of faith. When I always imagined those conversations, they go like this: “Hey, do you know Jesus? Would you like to?” Or “Do you know about a man who came on earth and died for your sins?” Now I am not mocking anyone, but I have good reason to picture it this way. As a child I remember my father taking us to get fresh hot donuts nearly every Saturday so we could hand them to people as an introduction to start talking about Jesus. This usually came with a little piece of paper called a “track” that had the Ten Commandments or the story of Jesus on them.

When I got older I never did anything so bold. I didn’t have it in me. But the minute we sat down for breakfast a few days ago, I strongly felt the Holy Spirit placing it on my heart to ask our favorite waitress if she was okay. Sure enough, she had been having an extremely emotional, rough, scary month. I felt the Holy Spirit really wanting me to just sit and listen–not jump in to talk–but to listen. When she was done, I did something I have never done in my adult life. I asked her if I could pray for her and which specific things I could pray for. I found a pen and paper in my purse and I started to get a list together. She didn’t seem put off at all by this. She was willing to tell me these things, and the entire time in my head I am saying, “Holy Spirit, lead and guide me in this.”

There were people around us, but I didn’t care anymore. In that moment, like a lot of other moments this week and the last, the topic of my faith has come up in this manner. Lately my prayer has become, “Father, if an opportunity presents itself to speak about you, help me not be afraid. Lead and guide me in every way. Let me talk less and listen more. Help me to have the courage. Be with me.”

There may always be moments when we care more about what others will think of us than anything else. When we feel as though we should be sharing, but we don’t, and the opportunity to share with someone is missed. I use to wait until I felt the time was right or until I thought I was safe enough to say something, and I still struggle with this. If it weren’t for the constant nudge out of my comfort zone lately I would be “keeping my faith to myself” still. But I have been thinking about Isaiah 55:8: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.”

I just want to take a moment to thank Him for not giving up on me and not being ashamed of me, as I have been of Him. It makes me cringe to think about it, but it’s being truthful. Now I must be obedient to His Word and not fret over what the world may say or what people I knew may think of me. I want others to feel and taste how sweet it is to be loved beyond the word unconditionally. If I am being used to help someone see this love in Christ, then who am I to say, “No, I am too shy about this.” And even if it all starts out with a simple request to pray, then so be it. I am willing, Lord.

All for His Glory

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