Look to the Cross

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He is alive! We serve a risen Lord who could not be held by death or sin in the grave! This makes all the difference!

I know the Lord spoke to me so gently and sweetly during worship Easter morning as I was struggling with guilt and shame over several decisions I had made in the 24 hours preceding our arrival at church.  Two scenarios kept playing over and over in my mind like a broken recording.

The first involved something that has become very near and dear to my heart, loving and evangelizing our neighborhood.  My husband and I had been praying about who we could invite to attend Easter services with us and we have been intentionally praying for several of our neighbors.  Two of them just “happened” to stop over at our house yesterday and I neglected to extend the offer to attend services to both of them.  I allowed my fear of man and my “common sense” to win out.  One of them we have extended an offer to many times and she has always declined.  The other one seems very skeptical of church.  I chose fear over faith.

The other situation involved an ongoing area of sanctification for me…being concerned about my appearance and image.  I got up early with the intention of having some time with the Lord in prayer and praise.  I was really looking forward to it on this Easter morning.  However as I walked into my closet to get dressed the enemy knew I was a sitting duck.  It was Easter and in my heart I wanted to look “cute.”  What could I find in my closet to fit the bill?  So instead of having 30 minutes in holy communion with Jesus that morning I spent it frazzled as I tried on multiple outfits that just didn’t work.

Admitting this to you all is pretty embarrassing, but I am so glad that while my sin at times may describe my struggles it does not define me and that is especially poignant and beautiful on Easter.  The verse Laurie shared recently in her Who Am I in Christ lecture rings true, Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Cor. 5:17).

So as I sat in worship try to self-atone for my stupid mistakes the words of the songs we were singing about the cross finally penetrated my heart. Jesus was whispering to my heart, “…look to the cross. It is your sins I bore there.  Confess them and walk forward in newness of life, free from guilt and shame.”

If you are struggling with any guilt or shame today bring it to the cross and remember that Jesus suffered once for all time and bore God’s wrath on our behalf.  Let’s let Jesus and the cross have dominion over our sin today and this week as we walk forward by His grace in faith!

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