Living for God Rather Than “Likes”


I scroll through my Instagram feed and I feel my flesh growing sad.

As I look at all the photos I catch myself gazing into the lives of so many people and comparing my life to theirs. I catch myself yearning for what they have. I’m jealous that they are more well “liked” than I am. How silly is that? I have a God whose love is steadfast and isn’t partial to anyone. Job 34:19 says that God “shows no partiality to princes, nor regards the rich more than the poor, for they are all the work of his hands…”

I forget that I was made by the Lord. He knows all of my imperfections and yet He loves me. When I compare myself, God weeps. He weeps because I am telling Him He messed up, He didn’t make a “good enough” person. I am average. But to God I am the furthest thing from average; I am His creation. He does not prefer the person who receives 200 likes on a photo nor does he prefer someone who receives none. He loves us all! We were made with the hands of God!

Instead of scrolling through my feed, I need to fill my heart with His Word. Instead of living for “likes” I should be living for my Heavenly Father. By taking the focus off of the world, I can focus on His Word. Diving deeper and deeper until my cup overflows with love for Him. I pray I will love Him as He loves me!

Showered in His Love


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