My Life Isn’t Mine?

I encourage you to listen to, and also read, the lyrics to the Casting Crowns song titled Lifesong. Here is a link:

I have heard this song a hundred times, but as I was driving to work the other day  it came on the radio and the beginning line just struck me, “Empty hands held high.” I think it struck me because occasionally when worshiping at church I feel led to lift my hands up in worship. For me it is an outward picture of surrendering to the Lord, but the ironic thing is, like the song points out, my hands are empty. I come to the Father and I have nothing to offer but my life. It seems like so little and yet that is what the Lord asks of us, for us to pick up our cross daily and give Him our life (Luke 9:23).

It has been years since I confessed my belief in the Lord and was baptized in obedience, so now what? Practically speaking, how can my life be for the Lord every day when I am working, cleaning, and caught up in the mundane? How does being a Christian look different in the day-to-day simple stuff? It seems like it would be more straight forward if I worked in ministry or was a missionary in another country, but for me, how can my life be a song to the Lord?

Meditating on the song lyrics and scripture has changed my mindset. My life is not my own. My husband isn’t mine, my children aren’t mine, my money isn’t mine. All of these are things that the Lord has lent to me for a time on this earth and has entrusted me to use for His glory. In this ME focused world and ME focused culture it is easy to lose sight of that and yet this truth is so helpful when thinking of day-to-day living.

Tithing becomes easier because I am admitting that the money the Lord has blessed us with isn’t mine in the first place. Parenting becomes easier because it’s for raising up children in the Lord. Being a wife becomes easier because there is greater purpose in why I am married to my husband. My life is not my own.

I do not always do a great job of this – I often fall into the trap of having the ME mentality, but the Spirit is quick to remind me of my purpose. I think of John 13: 14-15 (ESV), when Jesus washes the disciples feet and He says, “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.” Jesus spent His final night with the disciples washing their feet to leave a legacy for me and for you. He gave His life up for us and He also gives us our life.

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