He Is Calling You by Name…

by Dottie Ryan

Believer, the Lord has called you by name.  Isaiah 43:1 NIV says: I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”  Can you take that in?  To think that each believer has been called by the Lord and that He has your name carved in the palm of His hand!  He knows your name!  I wonder if I might ask you to pause to hear His voice speak your name personally?

He is calling you by name . . .

I love cuddling up in my special corner of the couch in front of the fireplace where wood is burning.  It sooths my soul as I am still able to look outside at the beauty of the fall and winter landscape, yet still be warmed and pampered by the protection of the walls of my living room.  The cool weather recently gave me a glimpse that we are headed into that season shortly.  And when I reflect on the warmth and protection afforded me by my inside surroundings — even the flickering of the light of the fireplace — I think of the warmth and shelter of His wings, the light of Jesus and the Gospel, and just how sweet the season will be to sit at His feet to listen, study, worship, and get to know My Lord a little deeper — a little more personally.  So I trust it is by His design that this particular Discipleship study would come at a time when there are limited ‘outside’ distractions.

I guess I am a romantic at heart.  The thought of spending a special season, just Him and me, sounds . . . really sweet — really comforting.   I long for a deeper, richer, more intimate walk with God.  He is wooing us.  He loves us.  Do you sense that?  Can you hear Him calling you, “Come sit at my feet and let’s get to know each other a little better“?   Those may not be His exact words, but in the Bible He is very deliberate to always invite us to, “Come! . . . Come unto me…Come and drink . . . Come and learn . . . Come just as you are . . . Come away with me!” You are being drawn — by design — for a purpose.  He is so good!  And He loves you more than you can imagine. Believe it!

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