From the Lips of Children

by Amy Sizemore

“From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise…” says Psalm 8:2.  This verse comes to mind so often as I hear the deep, simple truths that come from our little ones’ mouths.  Like one day, when the children were answering the question, “How do you obey God?” I was expecting to hear what some were saying, “I clean up my room….I do what Mommy tells me…” which are praiseworthy for sure, but it seems to come straight from God when out of 3 year old Walker’s mouth came, “I get His righteousness all in my heart.”  Wow!  Praise You, Lord for that reminder!  It is a continual blessing serving your families through this ministry.  Thank you for making Jesus your family’s first priority.  As a parent, it is encouraging to see the Lord raising up so many mighty warriors who will prayerfully be fighting the good fight of faith along with my children as they grow.

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  1. Dottie Ryan says:

    Thank you Amy for sharing such a sweet testimony…from the mouth of babes. It so touches my heart and urges me to come to Him as a child. O Lord, grace me with that child-like faith. For your glory!

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