How to be a Fragrant Aroma

Lesson four of Falling In Love Again With Your Husband was about how, as wives, we are to be fragrant aromas to our husbands. “And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God” (Ephesians 5:2).

People desire to be around sweet smelling aromas and our study prompted participants to think through what that looks like on a daily basis, for the Lord and for their husbands.

In day one of that week, participants read, “Putting on his favorite perfume is easy; I enjoy doing it, I enjoy it myself, and I look forward to it. It really is no sacrifice to me at all. Now, my husband’s request that I run an errand to Home Depot and Lowe’s on Monday, my heaviest chore day, when the temperatures are peaking at 4 degrees, is not such a pleasing and lovely task for me. In fact, even as I ponder this task, I am tempted to dread it, but I must not. I must consider the Lord and His love for me, consider my husband and my love for him and look at it with a selfless attitude, rather than a selfish attitude. I want to look at it as an opportunity to bless my husband and as an opportunity to be a pleasing and fragrant aroma to the Lord. It is the deed which requires a sacrifice on my part that is the sweetest of all.”

How can you be a fragrant aroma to your husband?

Sometimes we can be tempted to think we must do elaborate tasks, however, take a look at the simple, but sweet smelling tasks that our participants have committed to doing when asked the same question.

“Dress nicer,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Pay attention to the little things that he struggles with doing and do them for him,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Getting up with him, cooking breakfast, putting makeup and perfume on much more,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Praying for him every morning,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Focusing on positive things about him, especially when I feel anger towards him. Meal planning, house straightened up when he comes home,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Initiate intimacy,” current Thistlebend participant.

“I am going to be more intentional to take care of my body,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Initiate sex more often,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Praying for him. Going to bed with him. New PJs,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Praying scripture over him,” current Thistlebend participant.

“Cook and plan more dinners, more sex,” current Thistlebend participant.

As you can see, many of these are similar and many are different. What’s important is that these ladies know what would be fragrant aromas to their husbands and by God’s grace are committing to try them out, for the Lord and for their husband.

Are there any of these ideas that you could do for your own husband to be a fragrant aroma?


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