Confessions of a Pack Rat

by Susan Sampson

I had thought that I lived with a beautiful family of five,
Until I realized there was another living inside.
He’s here, he’s real, and he is rather large;
Taking up way too much space in my mind, my heart, and even my garage.
He was tricky, I have to say. I did not see him coming my way.
He masquerades as light and fun, but the reality is he steals my attention.

His name is Clutter. And he is not pretty.
I did not ask him to join our family.
When did he arrive? How did I let this happen?
Why did I not realize what was going on? How
could I have been so blind for so very long?

Well, it’s time for Clutter to leave.
It’s time to make room for Another.
Because He is the one who deserves my time, not Clutter.
How can I get rid of him? Do I ask him nicely?
“I never wanted you here, so now you’ve got to go,” I say politely.

Now I’ve tried to be nice, but it just isn’t working;
For this is a battle and I must do some fighting.
The good news is I am not alone;
My King is sitting on His throne.
And He is simply waiting for me;
To ask Him for His help to set me free.

Can I let go of Clutter? Do I want to be free?
How badly do I want to live my life abundantly?
Clutter has been with us for so very long;
But now it’s time my heart sang a brand new song.

I am ready; it is time. My King has waited so patiently.
He knows where I’ve been and exactly what I’ve done
And yet, He still loves me and forgives me. He is the One.
He is the light and He wants my all in all.

He wants my strength, my heart, my mind and my soul.
You see, He’s my creator and He made me with a goal.
To give Him all the glory and to tell others of His story.

Goodbye Clutter, you’ve had your run.
For now it’s time to usher in the One.
The one true God, who is full of light and life.
He wants my best, my all in all.
He wants my life, for that is His call.

And so, here we are, and I can finally say, Welcome
home Lord Jesus, please show me the way. Please
come and take your place as King of my heart
So that others may see your grace and receive a brand new start.


This poem appears in the Thistlebend Discipleship Study Falling in Love Again with Your Lord available here.

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