How to Have Deep Relationships


As believers, we attend Church and connect weekly with the body of Christ for two reasons:

  1. To worship God and be taught from His Word.
  2. To connect deeply with other believers in meaningful relationships.

Often many Christians can leave church on Sunday with a sense of longing when it comes to truly knowing Jesus, knowing other believers deeply, and truly being known themselves. This blog will discuss what is missing, and some ways to develop deep relationships.

Vulnerability: Opening the Heart to Others

Many churches offer regular small groups, but often these small groups can lack true vulnerability. In the Christian context, vulnerability is a reflection of our openness to others and, more importantly, to God and Christ. True depth in relationships begins with vulnerability. The Bible encourages believers to bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), emphasizing the importance of sharing our struggles, fears, and joys with others. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable before God and then before others, we create a space for genuine connections to flourish. This is all easier said than done. One of the hardest ways to be vulnerable is to actually talk about areas we are struggling with regard to sin and shortcomings. This doesn’t come easy, and often in small groups, the curriculum focuses on teaching rather than on discipleship. Unless one feels the freedom to confess sin and shortcomings, there will be a lack of transparency and therefore a lack of deep relationships.

The Importance of Life on Life Regular Meeting

Often the deepest relationships form when people are living life side by side and doing things together. It is not enough to just meet once a week with a small group for a study. It is so important to find ways to share other areas of life with the people we are trying to develop deep relationships with. Have you ever noticed why there is such a strong bond between teammates in sports – it is often because they are daily sharing the highs and lows of life’s moments with each other. Can this bond translate to the real world? Only if we are sharing our hearts and life’s moments together in an environment of Christlike love and truth.


In a world where the superficial often prevails, Christians are called to go deeper in their relationships. By embracing vulnerability and engaging in discipleship, believers can build relationships that reflect the transformative power of Christ’s love. May these principles guide us as we strive for deeper connections within our Christian communities and beyond.

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