Laurie Aker

Laurie Aker is an author, teacher, and speaker who has a passion to teach God’s Word and to call and equip women to live the gospel. She has a unique gift for sharing the gospel and providing biblically sound teaching to encourage women to know Jesus and be in submission to him. Her passion in her writing and teaching is to emphasize that the most important relationship we have is with the Lord, that our lives should be a testimony of the grace we have been given, and that we are to live out the gospel in word and deed, all for God’s glory.

Laurie’s material on Christian living, spiritual growth, and Christian marriage is powerful, practical, insistent, insightful, fresh, life-affecting, spiritually transforming, and always God-centered and Christ-focused. It is written not so much for head knowledge as for heart transformation, and it’s impact is very effective. Her background and teaching experience qualify her to write authoritatively about how women can fall in love again with the Lord, their husbands, and their children.

Laurie has been teaching the Bible and counseling women for over 25 years and began writing, teaching, filming, and publishing her own curriculum in 2003 with the establishment of Thistlebend Ministries. Laurie is married to Kevin, who is on the governing board of Thistlebend Ministries and who is also on staff at Southeast Christian Church. They live in Louisville, KY, have four children and three grandchildren. Studies written by Laurie include the Falling in Love Again with Your Lord, Husband, and Children series, Fearless, Jesus I Need You, Jesus I Love You, Heart of a Woman, Precious Hope, Living Hope, Run the Race, Seeds of Spring, Pearls and Promises, and more.