Heart-of-a-Woman-redHeart of a Woman

by Laurie Aker

Media and Other Resources

Thank you for visiting the resources page! Full length videos and lesson segment videos are offered for each lesson. In some cases there are two or more segments offered. Use whichever segment best suits your group. Our audio/video resources are intended to be used in conjunction with the study workbooks for a full mentoring and discipleship experience. Due to this, most of our resources are password protected; passwords are located in the corresponding workbooks.*
Sample lessons and audio/video files (below) are accessible for each study for those who would like to preview a study. Please keep in mind these are casual recordings. We pray the Lord would use the content to bless and encourage and transform you! 

Note: Discussion Questions correspond to content in the workbook.

Resources are also available on the Thistlebend App, available for most platforms!

* If you currently have a workbook that does not contain passwords to the audio/video content, please contact us at info@thistlebend.org.


Introduction Segment

Lesson One: Planted by Streams of Water

Lesson One Segment

Lesson Two: Preparing to Ask God to Search Your Heart

Lesson Three: I Bow My Knees Before the Father

Lesson Four: Ask the Father in My Name

Lesson Five: A Holy Fast — Fasting to Feast

If you want to listen/watch both sessions from this lesson, use them in this order: Tuesday first and then Thursday.

Tuesday Video

Thursday Video

Lesson Six: Repentance—A Posture of Humility

Lesson Seven: A Victory Garden—Planting Righteousness

Lesson Eight: A Fruitful Harvest—Ongoing Weeding and Planting