Thistlebend_Who-Am-I_in-Christ-Women-Web-013114Who Am I in Christ? for Women

by Laurie Aker

Media and Other Resources

Thank you for visiting this resources page! Our audio/video resources are intended to be used in conjunction with the study workbooks for a full mentoring and discipleship experience. Due to this, most of our resources are password protected; passwords are located in the corresponding workbooks.*
Sample lessons and audio/video files (below) are accessible for each study for those who would like to preview a study. Please keep in mind these are casual recordings. We pray the Lord would use the content to bless and encourage and transform you! 

Note: Discussion Questions correspond to content in the workbook.

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Introduction to Who Am I in Christ?

Lesson One: From Paul to the Saints

Lesson Two: Blessed Beyond Belief

Lesson Three: In Him

Lesson Four: That You May Know

Lesson Five: Do You Believe? (Review)

Lesson Six: You Were Once Dead

Lesson Seven: By Grace You Have Been Saved

Lesson Eight: One Man, One Body, One Spirit

Lesson Nine: One Man, One Body, One Spirit

Lesson Ten: Who Are You in Christ?